Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday, bar none. It’s at the perfect time of year and it’s all about acting nowhere near your own age.

I don’t usually get to dress up for the occasion but I’ve been very in to sewing things lately, and a few months ago I came across this stylish pattern for a Mario Chapeau.

It’s based on a pattern by Amberlee of Giver’s Log who made a whole set of these for her son’s birthday party back in March (lucky kid!). You can read all about the festivities and get the pattern from her blog. I had to size the pattern up a bit to fit my giant mellon of course, and I went ahead and added some elastic to the band to help keep it on snug. I also went a little more home-made on my Mario ‘M’, which is why it’s a little off center in my version.

This is now the 3rd hat I’ve ever made and the first one that really fits well.

I hope you’re all having a great Halloween as well.  If you’re festivites are feeling a little lacking then might I suggest the Retro Cocktail Hour’s Halloween Bash, that’s where I found out about my new favorite Halloween song of all time:

Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood
by Don Hinson and the The Rigamorticians

I wish I could find a full version to point you at, but the Amazon sample will have to do for now.

Happy Halloween everybody.

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