Creative Stilt Costumes

The more I get into art the more I think about clothing and costume designs. I’ve not yet had the time (or the nerve) to make myself a whole costume but it’s one of my goals. When I see things like this I feel like I had better get started soon. This is one of those squeal withy joy videos.


This design reminds me of a TV special I saw a number of years ago that showed some of the behind the scenes work by the Muppet designers to create costumes and large scale puppets for The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

link: Abraham-Hicks and Art as a Process

Someone sent me to this video (really just adio) of a motivational speaker / theosophy guru called Abraham-Hicks. It’s a short segment of a woman (I assume an audience member) asking a question to the female speaker (Esther Hicks?) and the speaker’s response. When I first listened through it I dismissed it out of hand because of the jargon the speaker uses but one thing she says near the end has really stuck with me.


Pay attention at about 6 min in. Did you catch that part about the true work of art being the process of creating it? And that people are drawn to a good work of art because it “represents alignment with source energy”? I think she means that a work of art is interesting or beautiful to someone because looking at it reminds them of the exhilarating feeling the artist got when he or she was making it.

link: OnTheMedia Tim Schafer interview

Recently OnTheMedia interviewed game designer Tim Schafer of DoubleFine about his recent KickStarter campaign. The interview that aired was on the short side, but they’ve now posted an extended interview on their blog. Tim talks about some of his creative process and how he got to where he is today but I think one of the juiciest bits is right at the end.

Tim talk about the importance of building rich backstories for your characters, but then letting only little bits of that detail show through in what the player sees.